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To Capture Customer Attention: Go Big

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are a staple in many retail environments. An effective marketing strategy, they promote specific merchandise or offers and educate customers on the details of those products. Smart POP displays can be incredibly effective for engaging customers and influencing the purchase decision.

An obvious but effective POP display strategy used to capture customers' attention is to go big and bright. In a busy retail environment, customers are more likely to notice items that stand out from the environment in scale, design, and color. A large display can easily be seen over people’s heads and from across the room. Its size also provides ample real estate for branding and details about the products and promotion.

Large displays are perfect for grand events. Consider this massive display created for Ryobi Tools and The Home Depot. The display holds ample inventory and is easy to break down as products are sold. Its scale saves store associates time restocking and pieces of the display can be removed as they are emptied.

Another example, this camper display, comes in three sizes based on the customer’s needs. It is also easy to break down as inventory dwindles. Size can be a big draw, but the display should also be maneuverable to free up space for other products.

At Peachtree Packaging & Display, we design and manufacture innovative semi-permanent/corrugated and permanent POP solutions that generate exposure for your brand and help drive revenue. We offer full-color 3D renderings, pre-production sampling, and testing for your displays. We work with corrugated, wood, plastic, wire, and metal. We can also incorporate sound, lights, motion, and video when desired. View more of our work here.

Need help planning your next point of purchase display? Contact us for sketch-to-store solutions that put your brand in the spotlight.

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