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Unwrapping Creativity: Holiday Craft Ideas with Corrugated Cardboard

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and creativity. Whether making crafts with children or, creating unique decorations for your home or gifting, corrugated materials offer an affordable, green, abundant material for your holiday-themed projects. Let's unwrap the potential of corrugated cardboard and explore some imaginative ideas to make this holiday season extra special.

  1. Cardboard Christmas Tree: This is a fun craft idea that can be customized to your preferences. Since your tree is corrugated, it can be painted to your perfect shade or opt for the natural brown. You can create a small tree for tabletop decor or a child craft. A large tree looks great in the corner or any room you want to decorate. For a large tree, we love this YouTube video from HGTV. The finished product looks fantastic and even comes with a stand. For a modern tabletop tree, we love this simple design from Create With Jenn. This tree is also fun to embellish and simple enough for children.

  2. Corrugated Cardboard Wreath: Corrugated material can be the perfect base for a fun holiday wreath. The project involves some tracing and cutting and can be customized to suit your tastes. Use colorful embellishments such as ribbon and foil for a vibrant wreath, or use natural props like pine cones, leaves and greenery for a more rustic look. A glue gun makes this project much easier. We love this video from Jelory Collection for a colorful wreath and this video from Easy Art for a kid-friendly project. For a rustic wreath, try this video from Søstrene Grene.

  3. Upcycled Gift Tags: Give your presents an extra dash of personality with handmade corrugated cardboard gift tags. Cut out festive shapes like stars, trees, or bells from scrap cardboard, and decorate them with paint, markers, or even decoupage. Punch a hole in the tag, add a ribbon or twine, and attach it to your gifts for a charming and sustainable finishing touch.

  4. Cardboard Ornaments: Create personalized and eco-friendly Christmas ornaments using corrugated cardboard. Cut out shapes like snowflakes, angels, or reindeer, and decorate them with glitter, paint, or festive paper. Attach a string or ribbon, and these ornaments are ready to adorn your Christmas tree or be gifted to loved ones. We love these tree ornaments from Taffleberry Lane and these star and snowflake ornaments from Craft Crazy Genius

We hope you enjoy these craft ideas and all the fun ways you can reuse corrugated materials in your home. Happy Holidays!

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