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How Digital Printing Technology Accelerates Graphic Packaging Innovation

Updated: Mar 11

Are you curious how digital printing technology is changing the graphic packaging and display business? As more businesses adopt large-format digital equipment, customers can expect unprecedented customization and flexibility in their orders. 

Peachtree Packaging & Display added a Barberan Jetmaster Series 1750 to its infrastructure in 2023. The printer employs single-pass printing capabilities and an in-line, post-print coating attachment. The printer is entirely digital and plateless. The elimination of plates in the process significantly reduces the cost of small or mid-volume jobs and shortens the time to complete projects.

Here are five ways digital printing is changing the graphic packaging and display business.

  1. Faster project delivery: Traditional printing methods require significant setup and processes, leading to longer lead times. With the elimination of plates and the use of software to control color and design, digital printing is faster. Moreover, many new digital printers, such as the Barberan Jetmaster are equipped with two independent streams, doubling its productivity. For customers, these changes translate to greater flexibility in planning their projects and accommodating last-minute changes. 

  2. Cost-effective for every order size: Digital printing no longer ties customers to minimum order sizes. It requires less setup (no plates) and labor. Designs are executed by software in seconds and can be altered or changed easily. This is a win for e-commerce businesses, small businesses, and luxury brands that prioritize customization and quality but in smaller quantities. 

  3. Easy to customize: With digital printing, software controls art changes, improving accuracy and eliminating extra steps. Moreover, changes can be added at any time in the process. Also, the printer has two streams, allowing Peachtree to print different versions side by side. For example, on the Barberan, multiple project versions can be produced in-line, on the same structure with no changeover and a max sheet size of 66 inches by 110 inches.

  4. High-quality printing: Digital printing technology has improved significantly in recent years, producing high-quality, vibrant, and detailed prints. The color gamut of the Barberan Jetmaster is unparalleled in its range and quality. Projects have litho-like print quality due to advanced Pantone color matching and an extended color gamut.

  5. Good for the environment: Digital printing reduces waste and environmental impact by using less ink, paper, and energy than traditional printing methods. In fact, the Barberan Jetmaster produces less than two percent of waste.

Ready to plan your next graphic packaging or display project? Contact us today to get started.

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