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Leverage Your Packaging to Grow E-Commerce: Package Design

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

In e-commerce, purchases begin with a digital relationship. The consumer is shopping online or cruising social media driven by their own interests and needs. They bounce around browsing photos, reading descriptions and saving favorites. They compare and contrast, and eventually make a purchase.

After the purchase, their anticipation builds. They check postal tracking during the day to see how much longer until their package arrives. Hopefully on time, they receive their package and begin to unwrap it. This is your moment; this is where package design matters.

The unboxing is the customer's first tangible experience with your company, your brand, and your product. This is your moment to shine, you have their undivided attention. They want to like you, they want to be impressed. Are you ready? Is your packaging memorable, delightful, convenient, clever and overall a reflection and reinforcement of your brand?

Packaging Design

When developing your packaging, consider how materials and construction fit with your brand messaging. What is your brand’s personality? Is it simple, ornate, rustic, luxury, feminine, masculine, gender neutral, playful, laid-back, upbeat, thrifty or environmentally-focused? Your packaging can reflect these traits in subtle ways and create a lasting impression with your customer.

Consider these examples. Businesses known for being eco-friendly should choose natural materials, textures and colors that reinforce that value and can be reused or recycled. Perhaps your packaging can be repurposed as a storage bin or shelf?

Luxury products often aim for simplicity and use high-end materials that communicate prestige. Entertainment and media companies can play with bright graphics and flashy materials and highlight websites and social profiles where customers can interact online. Creative produce packaging can create a farm-fresh aesthetic with simple, natural materials, or mimic its contents using bright colors and unique designs. All these elements serve to entice the customer while elevating your brand and telling your story.

Packaging has a lasting impact on your customer. It reinforces brand recognition and communicates the care and commitment your business has for delivering a high-quality product. Also, always consider the importance of convenience and user experience. Is the package easy to open and does it work well as a storage container? Could its function be improved? Businesses that succeed in this arena are those willing to attend to every detail in the e-commerce journey to wow their customers.

Need help with a packaging design? We can help. Contact us today.

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