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Leverage Your Packaging to Grow E-Commerce: Brand Guidelines

What are the best strategies around packaging that brand managers can use to build brand loyalty? How can they maintain a consistent message? Over the next few weeks we’ll cover five effective strategies to ensure your boxes and packaging are telling your brand story and connecting with your customers. Here's the first.

  1. Develop and follow brand guidelines.

When it comes to brand strategy, design plays a critical role in creating your company’s persona. Your brand’s look should separate you from your competition. Design elements like color, font choice, graphics, logos, alignment and even capitalization set your company apart and tell your customers what to expect from your brand.

Design taps into people’s emotions. While a need may be the impetus for a purchase, emotions close the deal. Your company’s logo, brand colors and typography communicate and reinforce key elements about your brand. You may already have brand guidelines. Make sure they are up-to-date and readily available to all departments. Create community folders with access to logos, templates, social media templates, color descriptions, and other important details surrounding how your brand should appear.

Also don’t stop short at branding only your advertising or marketing. Extend your reach to every package, paper, product, or digital element that leaves your business’ door. Whether its invoices, emails, social media posts, photos, videos, or boxes, prominently feature your brand’s colors, logo, and messaging so your customers remember you.

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