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Leverage Your Packaging to Grow E-Commerce: Be Social

According to MarketingSherpa, 85 percent of consumers report using social media on a daily basis. Also the most popular reason they connect with businesses is to stay informed about discounts and promotions. The number two reason is they want to buy the company’s products, and the number three reason is there is an incentive for them to follow to for information about contests, discounts or sweepstakes.

Considering these motivations, are you advertising your social profiles on your packaging and telling customers how they can connect with you online? This is a huge opportunity for brand managers to drive sales and grow their business. Check out these examples:

For example, to boost engagement and build brand loyalty, offer customers a coupon for following your brand on social media or subscribing to emails. Craft promotions that encourage customers to follow your brand and submit content.

Promote additional resources that can be accessed online such as educational videos or materials they can use. Let them know about online FAQ forums or product communities that are relevant to them, and how they can stay informed on upcoming specials.

Be proactive about soliciting and responding to online reviews about your business or services. If a customer had a good experience, encourage them to share it on the company’s social media page or on Google reviews. Simplify the process for customers by providing direct links to submit a review. Customer reviews are gold in the digital landscape and increasingly critical to gaining new customers.

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