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How Do I Protect My Product During Shipping?

When shipping a product, product protection is the most important criterion and should be. However, you don’t have to sacrifice branding for protection.

Consider how you can continue your marketing message in packaging. For example, the classic corrugated shipping box has been preferred for its durability and flexibility, but can now be transformed as a marketing tool for even the highest-end luxury brands. Remember, experiential packaging design is part of the marketing budget, not just a manufacturing cost.

What is transportable packaging?

Transportable packaging, also known as shipper boxes, the outer layer of packaging designed to protect and ship products, used to be an invisible part of the customer experience. In the past, customers would rarely see shipping boxes that products were transported in before the merchandise was displayed in a retail space, but the rise in e-commerce now puts consumers in direct contact with transportable packaging.

While transportable packaging has traditionally been owned by the logistics department and viewed solely as a functional tool to get products safely from point A to point B, marketers and brand managers are beginning to realize the value of branded shipping boxes.

While transportable boxes are the first layer of experiential packaging, the rules are different than they are for branded inner boxes. Unlike inner boxes that are minimally handled and focus mostly on visual appeal, outer shipping boxes have to provide product protection and stand up to the logistics chain, which includes exposure to machine handling, temperature changes, moisture, dirt, and hand delivery. Design decisions can either further your brand story or potentially take away from your desired message.

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