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Don't Make These Sacrifices With Your Branding: Part 4

Don’t sacrifice creativity in the name of price.

Flexographic and digital printing has made realistic direct print point-of-purchase displays more affordable than ever before to produce at scale, fueling creativity in the packaging and display space. Displays can be more interactive than ever before. For instance, our design team recently created a life-sized Star Wars action figure product display that doubles as a selfie booth. Consumers can share photos on social media of themselves as a life-sized action figure.

Modern printing technologies can also completely transform the look of corrugated materials in packaging and POP displays to mimic different types of materials including wood, fabric, stone or any number of looks. One example is a global wine producer that sought to create a life-sized wine barrel in-store display to hold 66 bottles of wine, but had given up on the idea because it was assumed that the display would need to be made out of wood to support such a heavy load.

While wood is an excellent material for displays that require enough support for heavy merchandise, it can be expensive to produce and ship for temporary displays. Instead of using wood, an alternative design was created using lightweight, inexpensive, recyclable corrugated material capable of holding the 220 pounds of wine. The display looked like wood, but was approximately 50 percent of the cost of wood.

In the new digital marketplace, your customers are your best marketing tool. They are the influencers who can take their experience and share it with the world, driving more customers to purchase your product. Don’t neglect or overlook the most personal and physical interactions your customers have with your brand. See these interactions as new opportunities to connect with your customers.

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