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Don't Make These Sacrifices With Your Branding: Part 3

Don’t sacrifice branding in the name of convenience. With the rise of ecommerce more retailers are shipping products directly to consumers. Packages often arrive in standard shipping boxes and plastic bags or other utilitarian protective materials, but why?

Marketers are missing a huge opportunity to increase sales when they overlook the impact of branded packaging. You have a guaranteed audience that is already engaged. Seize the moment to tell your story. Graphics and logos on shipping boxes are as powerful as those found on in-store displays.

Consider this example. A customer orders a bulk box of chocolates from a well-known candy manufacturer. The customer is excited to receive their order and when it arrives it is packaged in a plain cardboard box. This is a missed opportunity to build customer loyalty and engagement.

Instead of sending a simple box, aim to capture an experience similar to what

customers would have in the store. Include the same graphics and logos they would see in the store or go further with personalized touches like graphic gift wrap, regional references or holiday themes. Include useful information, such as recipes for the product. Also, promote your social media channels and encourage customers to follow you online. Include relevant hashtags in the graphics. Invite customers to share a photo on their social media accounts about their experience with your product.

Also, don't forget to advertise complementary products or services. Do you have a subscription program the customer should consider? Do you have a rewards program? Any specials or sales coming up? Consider promoting other products or events to keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

When your customer receives their package, they are excited and expectant. They want to be wowed. Don’t let the pleasure associated with receiving a package be a missed opportunity. Make sure you deliver and then you can expect more purchases from that customer.

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