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Don't Make These Sacrifices With Your Branding: Part 2

Don’t sacrifice branding in the name of product protection.

When shipping a product, product protection is the most important criteria, and should be. However, businesses don’t have to sacrifice branding for protection. Consider how you can continue your marketing message in packaging.

For example, the classic corrugated shipping box has been preferred for its durability and flexibility, but can now be transformed as a marketing tool for even the highest-end luxury brands. Corrugated boxes can be branded with high quality images and coatings that reinforce brand messages.

Printing costs have decreased to the point where boxes can even be personalized at scale based customer segmentation or location. Also consider how the inside of a box can help communicate your brand story and messaging whether it’s with graphics, product inserts or even scent.

Another brand opportunity that is often overlooked is cold shipping. Cold shipping packaging tends to be solely utilitarian (dare we say ugly?), but advancements in printing technology and materials have opened up new possibilities for branding products that must remain cold upon delivery, such as food and beverages, human and pet pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Recycooler™, a reusable and recyclable, earth friendly cooler printed with soy based ink is one example of how brands can de-uglify cold shipping. Other options include using branded insulating materials, printing on the outside or inside of cold shipping boxes, or including branded inner boxes.

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