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Three Strategies for Graphic Packaging Success in 2023

Ready to drive sales and grow your business in 2023? With all the digital marketing spend, don’t forget the physical touchpoints that influence purchase decisions and build brand loyalty.

Strategic packaging decisions set your product apart in a busy marketplace. They are the final touchpoint in the store where a customer interacts with your brand. Are you making a good impression? Are your logo and brand colors memorable and accurate? Do you stand out from the competition?

At Peachtree Packaging & Display, we pride ourselves on being brand caretakers. With every box or display we design, we craft packaging solutions that create excitement and inspire a purchasing decision. Here are three ways to stand out in 2023.

  1. Function first. The first priority of packaging is to protect its contents in a shape and size that is easy to transport. Is your package or display engineered to stand up to its required use? E-commerce packaging should be designed to weather multiple stops en route to the customer. Packages sold in bulk should be sized to fit on pallets. Displays should be easy to set up and reconfigure based on available floor space and inventory. It is also essential that displays meet the requirements of their intended retailer.

  2. Prioritize print quality. Color and images are powerful cues. Think about brands you know well - Nike, Starbucks, McDonald's, Ford. Most people can recognize these logos in an instant from across the room. High print quality ensures that the brand colors on the box or display are accurate. At Peachtree, we house the latest printing technology, such as our Gopfert 5-Color Dual Die Cutting Press, to provide best-in-class flexographic printing capabilities. Customers can expect vivid, clear, and durable graphics at scale.

  3. Stand out. Today’s retail environment is highly competitive. Dynamic graphic packaging on boxes or displays helps your product stand out. Your logo and brand colors ensure you are spotted from across the room and attract brand loyalists. Vivid graphics or photography can add context to your product, tying it to important seasonal or promotional moments like Christmas, Halloween, the Super Bowl, movie premieres or the Fourth of July. Messaging about the product and how it works can educate the customer and influence a purchasing decision.

Want help with your next packaging project? Contact us today to get started.

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