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Seasonal Retail Marketing Calendar for Brand Managers & Marketers

As a brand manager or marketer, you know that effective in-store marketing requires careful planning, allowing time for creativity and avoiding delays. By anticipating challenges and preparing contingency plans, you can ensure successful execution and maximize your marketing resources for graphic packaging and in-store retail displays.

To help you plan, we've created a Retail Marketing Calendar for Brand Managers. This one-page downloadable PDF calendar simplifies the process of planning seasonal promotions over 12 months. (We would love to send you a printed version for your wall or office; email us at to request a copy.)

Are you planning a big Independence Day promotion? You need to start planning your graphic packaging and in-store displays in November. Want to be ready for the Super Bowl? You need to begin planning in June. As you prepare for a seasonal promotion, remember your 90-60-30 day checkpoints.

90-Days Before Delivery

Ready to start? You probably have some ideas but need assistance translating those concepts into a packaging or display product. Our experienced team of in-house designers and engineers is here to help.

At the 90-day mark, we'll focus on defining the purpose and function of your package or display item. We'll ensure your product is durable, easy to construct and meets industry standards for corrugated products. We'll finalize branding and design elements, including graphics, messaging, logos, and color. Lastly, you'll approve the final art, and we'll establish a production timeline.

60-Days Before Delivery

It's time for production. Leveraging our state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of our designers and engineers, we will prepare your product for print. Our combination of printing technology with the Gopfert 5-Color Dual-Die Cutting Press and the Barberan Jetmaster 1750 2.0 allow us to accommodate both small and large-quantity jobs with litho-like print quality.

The use of UV inks with LED curing ensures the integrity of your brand colors, logo and graphics, eliminating dot expansion and color mixing. Products can be finished with gloss or satin coatings. Following print, your product will be die-cut, folded, glued and inspected.

30-Days Post-production

Your product is complete and has received final approval. You are on schedule for your seasonal promotion or launch. We are happy to provide other services during this time, such as inventory management, pack-out and assembly, storage warehousing, and shipping.

Looking for more resources to help you plan your next promotion? Contact us today to get started, or check out our online resource, Peachtree+. Peachtree+ provides member-only access to our Ultimate Packaging Guide, Tip Sheets, Logistics Sheets, Branding Tips and more. It's a one-stop shop for brand managers and marketers shopping for packaging and display products. Join Peachtree+ at

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