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Recycooler Featured on Today Show During Climate Week

Peachtree Packaging & Display's cold shipping product Recycooler™ was recently featured in an article "12 Eco-Friendly Products to Try for Climate Week" on the Today Show.

Recycooler™ is a reusable and recyclable, earth-friendly cooler that is made from a minimum of sixty percent post-consumer product. The Recycooler™ is perfect for picnics, concerts, tailgating, ball games, road trips and all types of events.

The patented design of a Recycooler™ comprises a unique cellulose insulation component that is superior for keeping drinks and food cold for long periods of time, without relying on materials that are harmful to the environment.

In the past, one of the only options for cold shipping was polystyrene foam. Polystyrene has been known to cause problems in the Earth's hydrosphere as animals can swallow or choke on it. In addition, an impartial working group under the auspices of the World Health Organization and appointed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has upgraded its warning regarding Styrene as “possibly carcinogenic” to “probably carcinogenic for humans.”

While not only being environmentally unfriendly and potentially harmful to humans, polystyrene foam is not an ideal surface for printing. With its corrugated exterior, the Recycooler™ can be branded with custom graphics using soy-based (also earth friendly!) ink, on the outside and inside of the box. Businesses can even brand the insulating materials. Check out this gallery for inspiration.

Today’s consumer expects graphics on shipping boxes to be as appealing as those found on in-store displays. Recycooler™ allows businesses to deliver the same branded, memorable, informative product experiences with cold-shipping products as they do with regular products. Plus customers can enjoy an environmentally-safe cooler long after they've consumed the initial product.

Contact us to learn more about Recycooler™ and the myriad other shipping, packaging and display products we offer.

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