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POP Displays That Promote Your Brand

Point-of-purchase displays are a staple of the modern retail landscape. Functional and promotional, they store large quantities of products while capturing customers' attention. POP displays are creative and flexible. They spark customers' imagination and are often relevant to the season or current events.

Along with providing functional storage, POP displays are a key part of a company's omnichannel marketing strategy. POP displays are typically placed in key traffic areas so they receive mass exposure. Customers may be reading your display and considering your product while they wait in line for checkout. In today's cluttered marketing environment, a POP display may be the most tangible interaction a customer has with your brand.

Your display should make a strategic impression. From the logo and colors to the images and messaging, the display should reinforce your current brand strategy. It should educate the customer about the product AND further your marketing objectives. These could be building brand loyalty, acquiring new customers, or promoting a new product.

The best POP displays are built in the mind of designers, but it's useful for brand managers to know how to evaluate designs they are considering or those already in use. The process will ensure that your displays fit into your omnichannel marketing strategy. Here are some questions from Peachtree's designers to get you started.

  • Does the design align with your brand?

  • Does the design follow your brand guidelines?

  • Does the design tell your brand story?

  • Does the design support and align with your omnichannel marketing efforts?

  • Does the quality of the design and materials reflect your brand?

  • Does your design include social elements such as hashtags, profile names, and handles so customers can find you on social media?

  • Do you have a connection with the designer?

  • Does the designer listen to your needs?

  • Does the designer understand brand psychology?

Need help designing your next POP display? Our in-house designers would love to help. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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