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Peachtree Packaging & Display Named “Top 50 P.O.P. Company” by CREATIVE Magazine

Peachtree Packaging & Display has been named a “Top 50 P.O.P. Company” in North America for 2020 by CREATIVE Magazine. Peachtree was selected from packaging and display companies across the United States based on its innovative packaging and display solutions. As a winner, Peachtree Packaging is featured in CREATIVE Magazine’s “Top 50” list in its June/July edition.

This year marks the 24th annual compilation of CREATIVE’s Top P.O.P. (point-of-purchase) companies in North America. Sales for the Top 10 P.O.P. companies in this survey topped $2.1 billion. The winners will be displayed on CREATIVE’s website for a year.

Along with inclusion in the list, CREATIVE also showcased Peachtree Packaging’s new in-store corrugated dividers. Peachtree Packaging began manufacturing the dividers in March to promote social distancing in retail and office environments in response to the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Reaching eye-level height and light enough to move easily, the dividers provide key visual cues for social distancing and can display critical messages for safe shopping, plus brand messaging.

As communities continue to fight the spread of COVID-19, directing high-traffic areas in businesses, government buildings, nonprofits organizations and schools will continue to be a critical strategy for controlling the spread of the virus.

“CREATIVE Magazine is one of the premier trade publications for the point-of-purchase and retail display industries and we are honored to be recognized in their top 50 list,” said Chad Wagner, president and CEO of Peachtree Packaging. “As the display industry has pivoted in response to COVID-19, we appreciate the editors highlighting the important and innovative work the industry is doing to help businesses keep their employees and customers safe so they can get back to business.”

Peachtree Packaging & Display is a cutting-edge, customer-driven packaging manufacturer that employs more than 150 workers and occupies 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space at two facilities in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Peachtree produces around one million square feet of product daily, a volume that equates to 31 NFL football fields of corrugated product turnover.

Peachtree Packaging is also a champion of green business efforts. Its products are made from 70 to 100 percent recycled materials, and it recycles 100,000 square feet of scrap and trimmings daily.

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