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Peachtree+ Equips Brand Managers for Success

Brand managers and marketers, are you looking for fresh ideas and insider information about packaging? We have great news for you!

You can now join Peachtree+!

Peachtree+ provides member-only access to resources for brand managers and marketers of middle-market companies, including:

Ultimate Packaging Guide

Every project needs a roadmap to success, and we have put together a guide to help brand managers and marketers navigate designing and producing packaging. This 30-page e-book ensures your e-commerce and graphic packaging creates a memorable customer experience, not just a pretty box.

Retail Calendar

Effective in-store marketing requires careful planning, allowing time for creativity and avoiding delays. By anticipating challenges and preparing contingency plans, retailers can ensure successful execution and maximize their resources. Download our retail calendar to know when to start planning your seasonal promotions.

Branding Tips Sheets

For those interested in the design, marketing and branding aspects of packaging design and production, check out our Branding Tip Sheets. This download will help you clarify your marketing goals, determine the design and function of your packaging and know how to best work with a packaging designer.

Ultimate Tips Sheets

Prefer the quick-start guide to the full book of directions? We understand. Here are all our tips and cheat sheets to get you started on your packaging design journey.

Logistics & Timelines

Logistics and timelines are critical to any significant project, including packaging design and production. Check out our tips and cheat sheets to help you plan your project.

Brand Management–Unpacked! Blog

Get notified whenever we publish a Brand Management–Unpacked! blog post. You will gain fresh marketing ideas, a deep understanding of how to use packaging to create a memorable customer experience, and the latest trends and technologies in packaging.

Ready to get access? Sign up at:

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