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Leverage Your Packaging to Grow E Commerce: Packaging Is Marketing

Packaging is marketing. No doubt, e-commerce has exploded and will continue to gain more customers in the future. In 2020, e-commerce accounted for $2.6 billion in retail sales in the United States alone. Between 2019 and 2024 e-commerce is expected to grow 53 percent in the U.S. and Europe, 80 percent in China, and 86 percent worldwide, according to Statista.

However, the challenges for succeeding are great as many large competitors are already dominating the space. Marketing technology and coordination are critical, as well as focusing on optimizing the customer experience via services that maximize convenience and value. As the cost of customer acquisition has sky-rocketed, customer retention has never been more important.

Consider the captive audience you have when a person is receiving your product by mail. This is something that they picked out and wanted. Consider the tangible, tactile, real-time potential of strategic messaging incorporated into your product packaging. In today’s chaotic retail landscape there’s never been a more secure way to deliver your message and gain loyal customers.

At Peachtree Packaging & Display, our team of designers and engineers help businesses tell their story and differentiate their brands with packaging. We couple creative prowess with time-tested best practices to deliver packaging that is memorable, functional and durable. In your customer's busy day you have seconds to make an impression and begin a long term relationship. We are ready to impress, are you?

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