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How Point-of-Purchase Displays Win Floor Space

In today’s busy retail environments there are hundreds of brands jockeying for prime placement. Whether it is at the front of the store, at the entrance of a department, at the end of an aisle, or near the checkout line, brands want to be in the highest-trafficked areas so they can reach more customers and sell more products.

In order to secure prime placement, brand managers need to be smart about the retail displays they pitch to store managers. They need point-of-purchase (POP) displays that are impressive and engaging, but also functional and capable of holding a changing supply of inventory. Displays should not be too complex for store managers to efficiently maneuver.

Leverage Emotion. Expert marketers know that emotion is a key tool for capturing the customer’s attention and building engagement. Customers want products that meet their needs, but also make them feel a certain way: happy, excited, connected, engaged, or festive, to name a few.

Successful POP displays tell customers how their products will make them feel, as well as what the product will do for them. Consider this wine display from Peachtree Packaging & Display for Cupcake Wines. This fun sunglass-themed display reminds customers of a summer vacation in a tropical destination. This display is selling wine, but it’s also selling the experience of luxury, relaxation, and enjoyment.

The football display leverages customers' love of sports and interest in recreation and time with friends. This display is particularly effective during football seasons or leading up to championship games. Lastly, the patriotic display is fitting for national holidays and days of remembrance, allowing customers to express their love of country. Also, many people host parties during holidays and prefer items in festive packaging for their refreshments as it enhances their party decorations.

We can put your product in the spotlight with our sketch-to-store solutions for your display needs. Contact us today!

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