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Tips for Product Protection During Shipping

1) Plan around required elements.

Unlike inner boxes, shipping boxes must comply with mailing and label requirements of various mail carriers, as well as include some not - so - pretty elements, such as address labels, handling instructions, barcodes, stickers and tape. One strategy is to incorporate these elements into the design. For instance, consider replacing packaging tape with custom printed tape. To avoid unsightly labels being placed over important graphic elements, print instructions on the box, such as “place address label here.”

2) Plan for uncontrollable elements.

Experiential packaging design must take into consideration the elements that are not always easily controlled. Have you ever received an Amazon frown on your doorstep instead of the iconic Amazon smile? When a package carrier places an Amazon box upside down, consumers are greeted with an Amazon “frown” instead of the intended Amazon smile. Oops.

This is just one example of an uncontrolled element that can negatively impact customer experience or perception. Another example is a large “handle with care” sticker placed over your company’s logo or key message. While you cannot control every conceivable situation, the more you know about the logistic chain and customer behavior, the more you can plan for uncontrolled elements and add instructions when possible, such as “This side up.”

Check out our graphic below for more product protection tips!

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