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Designing Experiential Packaging Solutions

The first step in creating an experiential or graphic packaging solution is to define the purpose of the packaging. There is a difference between function and purpose when it comes to e-commerce and direct-to-consumer packaging. The function of packaging is to protect a product from damage during shipping. However, the purpose of packaging from a brand management view is to enhance the customer experience and build customer loyalty.

If you want your e-commerce packaging design to enhance the customer experience and build customer loyalty, your strategy must start with the purpose as it relates to the customer experience. The function will flow from the purpose. Start with the big picture. What do you want to accomplish for your brand?

  • Are you launching a new product?

  • Are you selling products via e-commerce for the first time?

  • Are you rebranding an existing product?

  • Is your focus on acquiring new customers?

  • Do you want to increase brand loyalty with existing customers?

Now try this activity. Whatever your business goals are for your brand, you want to design your packaging to support your big-picture goals. Make a list of three of your marketing goals as it relates to your packaging. Use these goals to guide your design process.

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