Our Work

Protect your product and show it off

Peachtree Packaging ensures that your products stand out in a retail environment. The visually attractive and structurally sound corrugated retail packaging and in-store point-of-purchase (POP) displays you create with our team will showcase your product effectively and drive sales. Additionally, our protective custom-designed storage boxes and inner pack solutions ensure that your product gets to its destination safely and without damage.

Promotional Packaging


Without an eye-catching display, even the best product can go unnoticed.
The already crowded retail marketplace is only becoming more competitive. Today, it is more important than ever to create a compelling display and product package that makes your customers stop and take notice.

Our retail packaging and in-store POP displays highlight your product so it stands out from the crowd.

The box that surrounds your product in a retail environment must be both functional and attractive.
Whether you need to create a solution for a fragile glass product or for a product that contains hazardous materials, our custom retail packaging will draw attention to your product in a safe and effective manner.

Sometimes you need more than a product box to close the sale.
Our in-store POP displays provide additional real estate for you to showcase your product’s benefits.

Our engineers and designers will work with you to create a custom POP display that meets your structural needs and exceeds your creative expectations.

Peachtree Packaging specializes in creating innovative and functional:

  • Countertop Displays to encourage impulse purchases
  • Floor Displays including end aisle and continuity displays found at grocery stores
  • Sidekicks/Side Rack Displays to fit inside store-provided metal racks
  • Multi-Component Modular/Big Box/Pallet Displays commonly seen at wholesale clubs
  • In-Store Signage to feature your product’s unique attributes

Contact us today to discuss your product’s unique requirements so we can begin work on your prototype.

Transport packaging


Get your product to its destination safely

Now that you have created a container that protects your product and makes it look great in the retail environment, you’ll need to create a package that ensures safe delivery of your product to retailers and end customers.

Peachtree Packaging creates shipping boxes and die-cut inner pack solutions that can protect products ranging from heavy bowling balls to fragile truck windshields. We test all of our transport packaging for strength and durability as part of our structural design process. Additionally, we develop transport packaging that meets UPS and Fed-Ex requirements for many of our clients.