Our Approach

It’s our not-so-secret sauce that ensures project success

Peachtree Packaging creates eye-catching corrugated promotional displays and protective transport boxes from start to finish in a single location. We continue to draw from experience, client input, and industry advancements to refine our process into one that produces results and keeps our clients coming back.


Step 1: Listening

These initial conversations guide the entire project. During this phase, we focus on understanding your product, your customer, and your business needs. We discuss your goals, expectations, material requirements, timing, and budget before making any recommendations.

Step 2: Structural Prototyping

This is the step that really sets us apart. After we have gathered your requirements, we will build a complete functional prototype. That’s right – Our engineers will develop a three-dimensional custom solution around your product right away. No one-dimensional visual renderings here. These guys live and breathe to solve every engineering challenge that lands on their desks. We’ll test the prototype’s structural integrity with your product in it to make sure the display or transport package can sustain a drop and support your product’s weight. Oh, and we’ll do all of this before you spend a penny.

Step 3: Structural Approval and Testing

At this point, you’ll review the functional prototype. You’ll be able to see and feel the final structure containing your product before production ever begins. We’ll make any necessary adjustments and, following approval, conduct any third-party lab tests or Department of Transportation certifications (often required for transport or display of hazardous materials).

Step 4: Graphic Design

This is where your piece really comes to life. Our graphic designers will work with you to develop eye-catching graphics for your promotional packaging. We can create your look from scratch or work with your internal creative team to utilize existing design elements. Once design is approved, it’s time to make the magic happen.

Step 5: Efficient & Sustainable Production

All production happens on site at Peachtree Packaging no matter how big or small the job. Our 220,000-square-foot manufacturing and fulfillment facility includes advanced folding, gluing, printing, and die-cutting equipment that takes your project from start to finish.Peachtree Packaging’s commitment to sustainability benefits our customers, our employees, and the earth. All of the materials we use are 100% recyclable. Our primary manufacturing component, corrugated sheeting, is biodegradable. During the prototyping phase, we do our best to create your package out of a single material in an effort to avoid the need for separation or sorting prior to post-use recycling. Additionally, any parts that are cut out during the production process (typically amounting to a truckload a week or more) are collected and recycled.

Step 6: Delivery & Shipping

Once production is complete, we’ll get your new packaging wherever it needs to go. We’ll even assemble it with your product if you would like. Peachtree Packaging will deliver final products to destinations within the Atlanta area. We’ll happily ship products that need to go outside of Atlanta.